With the use of a drone, our qualified and highly skilled pilots are able to capture stunning pictures in high resolution from a very new perspective. You can then choose between single shots and photo-mosaics. Images can be delivered in RAW format or after post-processing in a chosen file type. Files can be sent to our clients on either a memory stick or by internet.

Property Marketing

Aerial photography is a great way to promote your property. It will help to present the true potential of your home or land. Potential buyers will have a chance to see the property from a unique perspective unlike no other. It's a perfect tool for marketing, promotion and showing the true value of the premises.

Aerial Inspections

In a situation where there is a remote place or object with limited access eg. a building roof or tall factory chimney, the benefit of using a drone is undeniable. Our drone can hover for up to 30min (subject to weather conditions) on one battery and provide high resolution pictures of any pointed area.

There is an endless number of potential applications for aerial photography. Please contact one of our team members today to discuss your new project.


We provide smooth video captured in 4K resolution with up to 60 fps.

ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES can edit and produce finished films with licensed music, logos, etc. 

We can also work closely with professional photographers who would like to add drone footage as a part of their projects.

Aerial footage is perfect for promotion of your property, to cover a live event but it can also be used as a powerful tool for aerial inspection.  


Using advanced photogrammetry software ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES can transform a series of aerial pictures taken from drone into three-dimensional survey. The result achieved allows the creation of either  a 3D Point Cloud, 3D Model or Orthophoto can be created. 3D data can be saved in either local or GPS coordinate system.

3d mapping cliffs
Drone mapping roofs
Drone mapping topo
3D point cloud of the roof
3D point cloud of the chapel
3D point clooud from drone of cliffs
3D point cloud from drone topo
DTM cliffs
DTM from drone
3D point cloud from drone