ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES with the use of drone, can capture stunning pictures in high resolution from a very new perspective. Client can choose between single shots and photo-mosaics. Images can be delivered in RAW format or after post-processing in a chosen file type. Files can be send to client on memory stick or by internet.


We can provide smooth video captured in 4K resolution with up to 60 fps. ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES can edit and produce finished films with licensed music, logos, etc. Aerial footage is perfect for promotion of your property but it can be used as a powerful tool for aerial inspection too.


Using advanced photogrammetry software ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES can transform a series of aerial pictures taken from drone into three-dimensional survey. As a result of it a 3D Point Cloud, 3D Model or orthophoto can be created. 3D data can be saved in a local or GPS coordinate system.




ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES is a business based in Maidstone, Kent. Driven by fascination by aviation and drone technology ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES combines world of photography and surveying. ZIGZAG DRONE SERVICES uses the latest state of the art SUA equipment. Our Phantom 4 PRO onboard camera is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor which allows to capture cinematic footage in 4K resolution up to 60fps and high resolution pictures at 20mp.



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